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We pride ourselves in providing the best pavement marking service in the industry...  HANDS DOWN!   

Our equipment is always fitted with the latest state-of-the-art technology to insure the highest quality and performance available.   From Paint spray application and monitoring systems to timing devices to traffic safety protection,  If it’s the best available.... WE USE IT!       And if we can’t buy it or it doesn’t exist.... WE BUILD IT!!

Material Application Monitoring

   High performance pavement marking results are achieved by using a combination of highly skilled equipment operators, durable long lasting materials, top quality installation equipment, and a quality  precision material application monitoring system.  

   Our fleet uses the most reliable and customizable monitoring system available.  The Epic Solutions material monitoring system plays a key role in assuring our success with maintaining the highest quality pavement markings available while staying competitive in the pavement marking industry.

    The people at Epic Solutions understand that every company and piece of equipment have different requirements and do a great job at providing service and support to meet those needs.  Product customization and support are the driving force that sets Epic Solutions apart from the rest.


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